Cologne – City of Science

Cologne is a city with ancient traditions. The city’s ancient and singular architecture testifies to its 2000-year old history. Cologne had already emerged as a site of pilgrimage and center of trade in the Middle Ages – both traditions persist to this day.

Art lovers and creative artists cite Cologne in the same breathe as New York, London, and Paris. Cologne is also tending its more recent tradition as Europe’s number 1 media center. Last, but not least, Cologne is expanding and deepening its commitment to traditions of long-standing – in higher education and scientific research.

The University of Cologne was founded as long ago as the 14th Century. This makes the University the second oldest in Germany and – at 48,000 students – also Germany’s largest.

An additional nine institutions of higher education make Cologne one of the largest and most beloved student towns in Germany.

Researchers also find opportunities to pursue their work in Cologne – opportunities available in few other European locations. Besides the research departments within universities and technical colleges, numerous independent research institutes with the highest international reputation have settled in the metropolitan area and surrounding region.